Wedding First Dance Package

What is it?

Our First Dance Wedding package is quite simple. We receive a lot of requests from couples asking us to teach them something unique and special for their wedding first dance. So we put together a package of private lessons to do such that. To date, we have taught over 500 couples for their first dance.

You will learn at your own pace and your lessons and choreography will be tailored to your chosen song. We will not only teach you how to dance and perform for your family and guests, but will also teach you how to make an elegant entrance onto the dance floor, and a fabulous ending to your routine. This is your wedding, your night to shine, you are the stars!

Wedding First Dance Package

4 x 55 minute private lessons with Andy Wong

$260 (gst included)

Location of lessons: The Crystal Ballroom - Unit 145-11768 River Road, Richmond. To book your first lesson or to find more information, contact Andy by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 778-870-2699

What music do I choose for my 1st dance?

The music for your first dance is as personal a choice as your wedding gown. There are many websites devoted to selection of music for wedding first dance. Just Google 'first dance music' or 'wedding dance music' and I am sure you will find plenty of choices. You might also wish to check on YouTube as many couples are now posting their first dance online. Once you have selected a song or song(s), email your choices to me so that I can edit the length to between 1:30 to 2 min and start planning your choreography in advance of your first lesson.

How long before my wedding should I start lessons?

We definitely recommend that you do not leave it to the last 2 weeks before your wedding to start learning a dance routine! I am sure there will be a lot of stress during this hectic and exciting time in your lives and you do not want to add in the pressure of learning how to dance at the last minute. I would recommend taking the lessons at least 2 months in advance of your wedding date. Take one lesson a week to give yourselves a chance to practice a bit in between. Four lessons is sufficient to learn a routine but the vast majority of couples will take several more lessons to improve their performance. I would be happy to guide you through this process from beginning to end. Just leave it to me and enjoy the lessons! Andy

What do I wear for the lessons?

Just wear comfortable and casual clothing for your lessons. I would recommend that you bring along the shoes that you will be wearing for your actual performance and try them out during the lessons to make sure that they will not cause you any problems.

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