TheGrand Ballroom Story - 1994

The Beginning Of A Dream Come True

Ever since the summer of 1983, when we first saw the hundreds of dancers out at Robson Square, we have been amazed by the vast number of dancers that are scattered all over Greater Vancouver. Our long and successful career as amateur competitors has given us the opportunity to meet thousands of these people. Regardless of their ethnic origin, age, or profession, these people all share an undeniable love for dancing and a desire for a beautiful place to enjoy their sport.

The starting point of our own dance career, the UBC Dance Club, has consistently boasted an annual membership of over 700 students throughout the past decade. We have always wondered what happens to all these students once they graduate from the university? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a facility set up off campus to carry on the spirit of the club?

When we flip through the brochures from many community rec centres, we invariably find ballroom dance classes offered year after year.

Add to this all of the classes held in dance studios around town and we come up with a sizable figure for the number of people who wish to learn how to dance. Where then do all these people go to dance after they have learnt?

These questions led us to conclude that there are few, if any, proper facilities that cater to the needs of ballroom dancers. Some establishments do not have adequate floor space and seating to accommodate a large crowd. Others are limited in what amenities they can offer to their guests. Still others provide dancing only as a low priority item on their weekly agenda.

There is clearly no single place that offers the ‘complete package’ for all dancers.It has always been our dream to one day open a ‘grand ballroom’ that would fulfill the desires of every dancer. This would be a place where guests can relax and enjoy the comforts of the studio before, during, or after dancing.

A place where people can get dressed up and come to enjoy a fun evening of dancing. A place where all teachers, students, and dance styles are welcomed. A place where you would go to impress your friend or out-of-town guests. A place where you can have a lesson, check out a new dress, buy dance music, share a laugh with the owners, watch a dance video, party all night, and… where dancers can feel at ‘home’. The new Grand Ballroom – 2004 to present

Our wish is to provide a beautiful and spacious centre for dance instruction as well as a model facility for the enjoyment of this wonderful recreation. We believe an elegant ballroom set up permanently for dancing will further increase the popularity of dancing in the community (After all, would anyone take ski lessons if there were no mountains?!?). It is often said that only a few people ever get a chance to pursue their dreams. Out of this select group, even fewer ever get to accomplish their dreams. For us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do just that.

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